This device — 3D Holographic Projector of accelerations on 2D screen Universe (the cosmological horizon) without loss of information. 

 Is The Universe A Hologram? The theorists say: «Holographic principle suggests ‘Yes'».

«The holographic principle asserts that its origin must lie in the number of fundamental degrees of freedom involved in a unified description of spacetime and matter» («The holographic principle» Raphael Bousso) [6] [page 0. 7]. Our Universe contains just two dimensions of length was first proposed in 1993, exciting theoretical physicists [2], (G. ’t Hooft, “Dimensional reduction in quantum gravity”).

«According to ‘t Hooft the combination of quantum mechanics and gravity requires the three-dimensional world to be an image of data that can be stored on a two-dimensional projection much like a holographic image. The two-dimensional description only requires one discrete degree of freedom per Planck area and yet it is rich enough to describe all three-dimensional phenomena»[3] [page 0].

According to the holographic principle, the physics of our 3D (3+1)-dimensional space-time is equivalent to the physics on hypersurface with the dimension of 2D (2+1). «In a certain sense the world is two dimensional and not three dimensional as previously supposed» («The World as a Hologram» Leonard Susskind) [3] [page 2. 9].

This is reminiscent of a hologram. Holography is an optical technology by which a three-dimensional image is stored on a two-dimensional surface via a diffraction pattern. Light rays play a key role for the imaging. But, the holographic code is not a straightforward projection, as in ordinary photography; its relation to the three-dimensional image is rather complicated, but nevertheless it can be «projected» onto a distant ”viewing screen” with no loss of information. This fully corresponds to the fact that all physics and all laws encoded on the cosmological horizon of the 2D holographic screen of the Universe.

«Most of our intuition in this regard has come from the AdS/CFT correspondence, Susskind’s [3] quip that the world is a “hologram” is justified by the existence of preferred surfaces in spacetime, on which all of the information in the Universe can be stored at no more than one bit per Planck area». [6] [page 4. 20]. It is logical to assume that if the optical holography demands — the coherent fluctuation of light, then the properties of the holographic Universe may be somehow associated with coherent fluctuation classical the physical body. Subsequent reaction of the particles with a measuring device fixes the value of the classical physical quantities and their distribution of probabilities on the coordinates holographic surface 2D. As will be shown below, on the holographic surface in conditions a large-scale thermal anisotropy [5] occur entropic forces. This conclusion is interesting to compare with what is happening in quantum mechanics. In other words, there is no sense to postulate emergence of gravitational forces at the quantum level as we deal with the mechanism, directly connected with global gradient temperature on 2D holographic surface and quantum leaps. This is realized holographic property: connection of every particle in the universe with each, through the entropic forces on its surface, and is thus, are communication macro and microcosm… The functional dependence of such a relationship is reflected in the law of universal gravitation [19].

As will be shown below, coherent orthogonal rotor vibrations (physical body) around each of the axes of Cartesian coordinates fixed, lead to the nodes and anti-nodes gradient acceleration of mass elements. This means that the gradient of the entropy associated with the movement of matter occupies six diametrically opposite sites on the holographic surface of . Moving these gradients entropy ΔS projectors acceleration on the surface 2D can be carried out by with the help computer without time delay.

Gravity dominates at large distances but is very weak at small scales. The universality and the long-range effect of gravity suggests that its emergence should be understood from global general principles (for example the principle of equivalence, experimentally proven temperature anisotropy on holographic screen and moving projection as a result of an acceleration of matter without loss of information). If in the holographic scenario, gravity is a superposition of entropic forces that emerge on the 2D, there is nothing more primary.

To demonstrate the possibilities of generating artificial gravity forces we define that is very important:

«The universality of gravity suggests that its emergence should be understood from general principles that are independent of the specific details of the underlying microscopic theory» [25] [page 2. 21]. (3D) «The microscopic details are irrelevant for us» [25] [page 6. 17].

«Thus, we are going to assume that information is stored on surfaces or screens. Screens separate points, and in this way are the natural place to store information about particles that move from one side to the other» [25] [page 6. 11]. Although the bits of information are encoded on a two — dimensional screen the observed images appear three dimensional since their nature is holographic.

«Usually, holography is studied in relativistic contexts. However, the gravitational force is also present in our daily non-relativistic world» [25] [page 3. 5].

Let’s  consider the main steps for  artificial obtaining gravitational force (Fg):

  1. Communication between entropy and information consists that change of information of (I) represents negative change of entropy of (S),

ΔI = — ΔS 

2. «We can express the entropy change in terms of the acceleration»  [25] [page 11. 14]. «Thus, we conclude that acceleration is related to an entropy gradient. This will be one of our main principles». [25] [page 11. 22].

ΔS ∼ α

3. «In the limit of a very large region the bounding surface can be taken to be a flat plane at infinity. In some way, the phenomena taking place in three-dimensional space can be projected onto a distant ”viewing screen” with no loss of information»  [3] [page. 3. 18].

4. In this regard, we will consider work of a spherical rotor in the spherical stator in a vacuum and the rotationally invariant description of three-dimensional сoherent fluctuations and its rotary accelerations: αC, αE.

5. Consequently, the six centers artificially created of diametrically opposite rotary acceleration of the rotor mass taking place in three-dimensional space can be projected onto a distant ”viewing screen” with no loss of information. «We conclude that the entropy bound is well-defined and testable in a vast class of solutions. This includes all thermodynamic systems and cosmologies presently known or considered realistic». [6] [page 4. 7].

The temperature gradient early Universe.

6. The existence of a large-scale dipole asymmetry of the Universe («сosmic microwave background radiation anisotropies»[5] [page 1371]) — the redshift or global temperature gradient ΔT.

F = ΔTS, it is the universal law for any forces «F» and interactions in our Universe. Therefore, it is fair and for gravitational force, where «ΔT» — temperature gradient at the cosmological horizon, «S» — entropy caused by acceleration of matter.

7. «This is a natural choice since in this case, the entire screen uses the same time coordinate. So the processing of the microscopic data on the screen can be done using signals that travel without time delay. «[25]. [P. 17. 11].

8. «This is indeed the correct gravitational force… «. It is the relativistic analog of Newton’s law of inertia»[25]. [P. 17. 14].

The analysis in this paper is semi-quantitative because we do not have a precise definition and exact values of temperature of a holographic surface of the Universe today. Exact results can be received as a result of a statement of an experiment MGGF.

We can conclude that gravity this thermodynamic cooperative quantum phenomenon can be presented it as a superposition of to a set of entropy forces on holographic screen. Gravity has a thermodynamical background, and the gravitational force is an entropic force without a corresponding microphysical interaction. The logic is clearly different from traditional representation, and sheds new light on the origin of gravity: it is an entropic force. Its emergence is obliged from temperature anisotropy on the holographic screen of the Universe.


9.  The Year 2009. Laboratory weighing of mechanical gyroscope rotors was widely discussed at that time. Such measurements were usually carried out in order to verify the equivalence principle by experiment. In most cases, the rotor axis was oriented vertically in these experiments, and there was no positive effect. In some experiments, the results of accurate weighing of two coaxial rotors with a horizontal axis and with a zero joint moment were given. Little change in the rotor mass depended on the angular rotation speed of the rotor. These results could be attributed to a possible gyroscope precession associated with the Earth’s rotation, which could essentially affect the balance readings. In a much lesser degree, the precession effects influence the results of measuring the acceleration of a free-falling rotor. At the same time, the physical conditions at the interaction of the falling rotating rotor with the center of gravity (the Earth) are fundamentally different from those at weighing the rotor resting on the laboratory balance. Stunning was the fact that, in the precision experiments of Aleksandr Dmitriev [11], the measurement of the free-fall acceleration always showed a non-zero result.


Fig. «The example of the measured values of acceleration of free falling container. 1(n. 1-4 ) ω = 0 , 2( n. 6-10 ) ω ≠0 , 3( n. 12-16 ) ω = 0 . The maximal angular speed of rotation of a rotor ω ≈ 20000rpm, rotation time of rotor is 14-15 minutes, duration of one cycle of measurements from 4-5 pictures about 2 minutes. It was processed over 200 pictures, thus, the increase of acceleration of free falling off a rotor was regularly observed at the transition from a condition (1) to a condition (2) with average size 2 ∆g = 10 ± 2сm/s².» [11].

The quality, the number of experiments and prominence of the authors excluded any doubts about reliability and stability of the results. But such results were contrary to the very foundations of mechanics (the sum of the internal forces is always zero for closed systems). Then, a suspicion crept that the change in the free-fall acceleration for the falling gyroscopes can be caused by spontaneous fluctuations with a constant phase difference, i. e. doubled vibrations the cause of which lies in the final accuracy of bearings and rotor shaft.

Thus, to solve the problem (the non-zero result of the free-fall acceleration measurement), only one option can be suggested, that could explain the difference in acceleration of a free-falling gyroscope, ‘a closed system within such boundaries as a container with a gyroscope should be enlarged! ‘Thus, to explain the phenomenon, it is necessary to resort to a known violation of the locality / proximity principle. In quantum teleportation experiments, this phenomenon is recorded and repeatedly confirmed for a small number of particles. But now the locality / proximity principle violation has been discovered and experimentally confirmed for many-particle systems subjected to fluctuations with a constant phase difference (coherent oscillations). This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that a closed system highlighted by an observer, with the mass elements coherently oscillating, can have the energy and information exchange with the remote external environment. It is quite logical to relate superdeterminism of the holographic principle to the explanation of the phenomenon (Gerard ‘t Hooft and Leonard Susskind). As it is shown below, based on the findings of the holographic principle, there is no violation of the locality / proximity principle.

The heart of MGGF is a gyroscope with a coherently rotating ceramic rotor in a vacuum. This is the first artificial multiparticle coherent system that consistently fits into the essence of the holographic principle.

For the gravitational force that obeys Newton’s second law, we need unusual gyro force MGGF. Its principal difference is that in the cycle of hesitation the mass rotor’s makes a complete revolution around not one axis and around three axes. Exploring the work of the gyroscope, help we not only to understand the basic laws of nature, it also brings new possibilities of practical manipulating matter on a quantum scale.

Let’s consider in more detail.



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